FAQ @ ArchivalArt.Com

1. What is an antique image?
An antique image is an image of people, places, and things from another time. Our collection of images come from books, prints, postcards, trading cards, and newspapers/magazines. Our images offer you the ability to reproduce them on traditional paper, the web, or a myriad of places. These digital images were reproduced from original artwork that is either 50 years of age and has not had the copyright renewed or are 75 years or older.  This places the physical image legally in the public domain.  Our images are rbeing purchased can be used over again to make projects, as they are royalty free. You can, with a computer,and a normal color or b/w printer, create your own high-quality reproductions. You can also use the images to send via E-mail or place within a website.

2. Are they public domain images, and can I reproduce them freely?

The images available for download are researched to be approximately  50 to 75 years of age, or older. This is done to prevent the infringement of copyright violations by our team who archives the collections, and for you, our user who wishes to recreate these images. The images are "raw graphics." They were scanned as they were originally made. You may reproduce  physical products from the raw graphic images freely. However, any "DIGITAL" reproduction in an email, website, television or film production requires our permission.  Please call Julie Ann Brown at (805) 988-3722 to obtain additional information for such usage of our digitally copyrighted compilation.

3. Is it difficult to use the images?
It is very easy to use your downloaded images. The images are scanned in a jpg format. This format allows both the MAC/PC computers to immediately open and use each of images

4. Do I need a graphics program to create  projects from my digital imags?

Yes and No. If you have Internet Explorer you can view each image. If you would like to create a multitude of projects, I would suggest you purchase a graphics program such as Adobe or Paint Shop Pro.

5. What is the difference between the low-resolution images that I can purchase at my local store and your hi-resolution image CDs?
Excellent question! Low resolution means that it was scanned at a dpi that will not take up much memory. The lower resolution format is excellent for Internet graphics. However in order to reproduce high quality images on paper or send to someone to create their own projects, high resolution is needed. Low-resolution images do not enlarge with clarity and vividness. Most high-resolution images are 75.00 to 150.00 each.

6. Will the Images  work on a PC and a MAC?

Yes. Because each is a  jpg images which are compatible with both types of computers.

7. How can I contact you?
You can E-mail Julie at profrjulie@gmail.com if you have any questions about the collection.   you have any questions regarding the digital images.  You can call us at (805) 988-3722 if you have any questions or specific requests for images.
Thank you.  Julie